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Side Orders and Starters

Potato Wedges €5.45
Served with Garlic Sauce

Nachos / Original €7.75
Cheese sauce, Tomato and Hot Jalalpenos,
on a bed of Tortilla Chips

6 Chicken Nuggets + Dips €5.30

Crispy Onion Rings €5.55

Coleslaw €3.10

Garlic Bread €5.90

Grilled Mushrooms €2.65

Buffalo Wings €8.90
Deep fried chicken wings served hot and spicey
with Blue Cheese Mayo

Garlic Mushrooms €5.20

Super Nachos €10.80
Cheese sauce, Tomato, Onion and Hot Jalapenos, on a bed
of Tortilla Chips with Chilli or Grilled Chicken available with guacamole & Sour Cream